Solar energy storage system

wholesale luxpower hybrid 5kw 3kw inverter lifepo4 and powerwall battery

5kwh powerwall home slide

Wholesale manufacture provide luxpower hybrid 5kw 3kwh inverter. And these luxpower brand inverter will communicate with Coremax server rack battery storage systems and also Powerwall

Coremax Technology sell renewable energy, energy efficiency, grid-tie and off-grid solar and wind systems, micro-grid systems, DIY solar panel systems and products for projects large or small. We serve DIY folks, homeowners, contractors, installers, electricians, real estate developers and Governments in Europe and USA. Why not call us today, where you can discuss your project prior your purchase with one of our in house technicians. We are pretty busy but we will try to help you as much as we can. Unbound solar energy and start power your home your way. Go energy independent.

Coremax serves customers on 4 continents in more than 142 countries. We do ship products internationally from our warehouses located in United Kingdom, Germany, Austria and United States.

5kwh powerwall home slide

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