Household Energy storage Powerwall

The household energy storage system is a miniature energy storage power station, and its operation is not affected by the city’s power supply pressure. During the low power consumption period, the battery pack in the household energy storage system can be self-charged to be used in the case of standby power peaks or power outages. In addition to being used as an emergency power source, home energy storage systems can also save household electricity costs because they can balance the electrical load. CMX provide powerwall solution for household small energy storage. 5kwh and 10kwh are the most welcome models in the market. Coremax is a manufacturer on providing wholesale and OEM solution for distributors and installer companies. Welcome to Contact coremax for OEM order.

Wall-mounted 48V Home Energy Storage System

As a lithium battery buyer, you want a product that is safe, reliable, and easy to use. The COREMAX wall-mounted home energy storage system delivers on all of these fronts. The 5/10 KWH 48V LIFEPO4 Battery is equipped with a built-in battery management system and an LCD screen that displays multilevel safety features. This makes it easy to monitor the status of the battery and ensure that it is operating properly. The COREMAX Lithium Battery is also maintenance-free, making it easy to integrate with solar panels or operate independently. Designed for backup power, off-grid, time of use, and self-use applications, COREMAX is a consistently reliable choice that will keep your solar system running during a power outage or provide power for your home at night.

■ Longer Lasting of 10-20 year Design Life.
■ Module level auto-balancing.
■ Compatible with over 20 inverters. Multiple communication interfaces: RS485, RS232, CAN.
■ 5.12kWh expandable up to 81.92kWh; 10.24kWh expandable up to 163.84kWh.
■ AC Coupled for both new and retrofitted installations.
■ Reliable Built-In BMS, Voltage, Current, Temp, and Health Management.
■ Simple buckle fixing minimizes the installation time and cost.

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