Home Hybrid solar & battery system description

Compared with the traditional solar on-grid system, there is one more battery system connected to a hybrid solar system. The system consists of PV panels, hybrid inverter, lithium batteries, and metering systems. The logic of the system is that when solar power starts to generate electricity in the morning, solar generation is given priority to the residential consumption load. When the solar-generated power is greater than the home consumption power, the hybrid inverter starts charging the battery until the battery is full. Meanwhile, when the solar-generated power is less than the residential load power, the battery starts to discharge and working with solar to fulfill the consumption load. When there is no solar in the evening, the battery discharges to follow home demand until the battery is fully discharged.

Why COREMAX lithium-ion energy storage battery?

Lithium-ion batteries provide multiple advantages over standard lead-acid batteries for energy storage use that we’ll outline below:

  • Substantially Lighter – Lithium-ion batteries are just a fraction of the weight of the original lead-acid battery.
  • More Powerful – Lithium-ion batteries operate at a higher voltage than standard lead-acid batteries, giving you faster engine speed for longer durations. Lead-acid batteries drop to just 12.5V when only 20% of the battery capacity is used, but lithium-ion batteries provide over 12.8V even when only 20% of the battery capacity is left.
  • Low Self-Discharge Rate– Lead-acid batteries lose 4%-25% of their charge every month depending on the quality of the plates and separators used. If you leave a vehicle unattended for a month, the lead-acid battery might lose too much power and the vehicle might not start. On the other hand, our lithium battery chemistry loses less than 3% of charge per month; you can go for several months without having to worry.
  • Environmental Friendly– COREMAX batteries contain no toxic substances. There is no poisonous lead or corrosive sulfuric acid and as a result, no possible way for an explosive gassing event that is common with lead-acid batteries. In addition, there is no need to maintain acid levels or worry about venting like traditional lead-acid batteries do. The only maintenance that COREMAX batteries require is ensuring that the battery never drains beyond 80% to ensure optimal life.
  • Long Lasting– Cheap lead-acid batteries usually only last 1 to 2 years while gel and AGM lead-acid batteries last 3-5 years with proper maintenance. However, COREMAX lithium-ion batteries can provide 8-10 years of use, easily exceeding the life of any lead-acid battery. Battery life depends purely on proper operation and maintenance, so use common-sense and ensure the battery does not drain beyond 80% discharge. If you are replacing a lead-acid battery in two years or less due to deep cycling damage, you will save money in the long run moving to a COREMAX lithium-ion
  • Fast Recharging – COREMAX lithium-ion batteries can accept charge current at up to 5 times faster than a lead-acid battery. What’s more, the charge efficiency is about 75% for lead-acid in contrast to 97% for COREMAX lithium-ion battery. That means less energy is needed to charge and causes less strain on your alternator.

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