DC Coupled 1MW Battery Energy Storage System (BESS)

We have developed a 600kWh 1MW Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) that is designed to be cost-effective and easy to install for on-grid, off-grid, or hybrid commercial/industrial energy storage applications. Each BESS container is shipped with pre-installed batteries in accordance with UN 3536 shipping standards, making it ready for use upon arrival. Furthermore, the PV inverter within each container simplifies the process of completing your renewable energy project.

Our BESS system offers multiple functionality modes that enable users to switch easily between Grid, PV, or Genset, ensuring better control and stability. Additionally, these systems are offered in either 400VAC or 480VAC 3 phase configurations, providing versatility for various applications.

Our commercial and industrial battery systems feature Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) battery packs connected in high voltage DC configurations, offering a 5000 cycle warranty and up to 80% Depth of Discharge (DOD) at 1C and 25℃. These DC coupled systems provide higher round trip efficiency, making them ideal for large residential and light commercial customers seeking a turnkey energy storage solution that is designed to generate and use energy for 10+ years, hassle-free.

Thank you for considering our DC Coupled 1MW Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) for your energy storage needs. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

Custom 600 kwh 1MW LiFePo4 HV Energy Storage System

Coremax developed a custom energy storage system (ESS) for a commercial user in the City of Santa Rosa, CA USA. The plant employs backup diesel generators as part of their demand charge management system. It can take a few minutes for the diesel generators to get fully ramped up and online. Coremax technology created a custom energy storage system that could be used for demand charge management and facilitate the seamless transition from the utility grid to the diesel gensets.

Custom Energy Storage System at a wastewater treatment plant in Santa Rosa
To support the high power demand requirements of the treatment plant, the ESS can output 1MW for 15 minutes. In addition to this unusual power requirement, the approved site was not large enough to support a standard 40-foot containerized LiFePo4 BESS. So Coremax worked with ESS container manufacturer to build a compact 24-foot container. PCS integration and final testing before field deployment were performed.


  • Wastewater treatment plant, City of Santa Rosa, CA
  • Spinning reserve, for diesel genset changeover in case of grid outage
  • Custom ultra-compact 24-foot container due to siting constraints
  • Outputs 1 MW for 15 minutes
  • Capacity - 600 kWh
  • PCS - INVT
  • LiFePo4 batteries High voltage battery storage system

Coremax turnkey custom energy storage system design (racks, battery selection, pack & rack design, container, HVAC, fire suppression, PCS, etc.

50kw pcs inverter
container ess

The Advantages of a 1MW LiFePo4 HV Energy Storage System for Commercial and Industrial Applications

As the demand for clean and sustainable energy grows, more and more companies are turning to renewable energy sources such as solar and wind power. However, one major issue with these energy sources is their intermittency, meaning that they are not always available when needed. This is where energy storage systems come in, allowing for the storage and use of renewable energy when it is needed most.

One of the most popular types of energy storage systems is the 1MW LiFePo4 HV Energy Storage System. LiFePo4 batteries are known for their high energy density, long cycle life, and excellent safety record, making them a popular choice for commercial and industrial applications.

There are several advantages to using a 1MW LiFePo4 HV Energy Storage System. First, these systems are designed to be highly efficient, with a round-trip efficiency of over 90%. This means that the amount of energy lost during the storage and retrieval process is minimal, ensuring that the maximum amount of stored energy can be used when needed.

Another advantage of LiFePo4 batteries is their long cycle life. Unlike traditional lead-acid batteries, which typically have a lifespan of around 500 cycles, LiFePo4 batteries can last for up to 5000 cycles or more, depending on usage and maintenance. This means that they can be used for many years, making them a cost-effective solution for energy storage.

In addition,

LiFePo4 batteries are known for their excellent safety record. They are less prone to overheating and are not as flammable as other types of batteries, reducing the risk of fire or explosion. This is particularly important for commercial and industrial applications, where safety is a top priority.


the 1MW LiFePo4 HV Energy Storage System is designed to be flexible and adaptable to a variety of applications. It can be used for on-grid, off-grid, or hybrid applications, and can be easily integrated with other renewable energy sources such as solar or wind power.

In conclusion,

the 1MW LiFePo4 HV Energy Storage System is an excellent choice for commercial and industrial applications that require reliable, efficient, and safe energy storage. With its long cycle life, high efficiency, and flexibility, it is a cost-effective solution that can help companies meet their energy needs while reducing their carbon footprint.

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