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Manufacturer customize LiFePo4 Lithium ion LSV Low Speed Vehicle battery pack

Lithionics Battery provides high performance Lithium-ion Iron Phosphate batteries for low speed propulsion applications such as transportation, entertainment, or industrial use. Based on a proven record of quality and safety, Lithionics Battery supplies battery systems for use in parade float and mobile stage platforms worldwide as pictured below. Along with the advanced Battery Management System, valuable battery telemetry and status code information is provided for use in remote monitoring and battery diagnostics.


Customized Voltage

We provide 48 volt, 64v, 72v and 96v LSV lithium battery for different motor and controller.



Start from 50Ah, we can provide 100Ah, 150Ah, 200Ah, 300Ah and even more capacity to help your SLV last long trip.


Customized Dimensions

Your SLV might have a specific dimensions and required a battery to fit in. We provide customized design housing



For small size motor, you might need a regular battery. When you have a higher watt motor. Coremax help you design high discharge power battery

Low Speed Vehicles --LSV

Lithium battery systems are available to improve your low speed electric vehicle performance, offering weight savings, consistent power delivery, and zero maintenance compared to traditional lead acid battery technology. As a manufacturer with an engineering staff and application experience, we recommend lithium only for use on electric vehicles with modern AC drive systems that can be tuned to take advantage of the lithium power delivery.


One way to make sure your LSV’s mileage doesn’t vary is by using a lithium-ion battery instead of a lead-acid battery.

Like golf carts, LSV’s are battery-powered.
Lithium-ion batteries put out a constant voltage regardless of how charged it is. Sounds like a regular car: your car doesn’t slow down as the needle approaches E.
But lead-acid batteries’ output drops as the charge goes down, so you get less performance as time goes on between charges.

This means you spend more time charging, which actually means you spend a lot more time charging because lead-acid batteries need longer to reach their full charge than lithium-ion batteries. And with lead-acid batteries, when you’re done driving you need to be charging: staying in a partial state of charge is one of the easiest ways to shorten a lead-acid battery’s lifespan.

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