Lithium Ion Battery Safety

High-quality lithium Ion battery cells are inherently safe by design. The bad rep that lithium ion batteries get comes from the few rare cases of poor quality knock-off batteries catching fire due to flawed design.

Whether you want to go the completely DIY route to building your own battery or you want to start with one of Coremax battery packs, there are still a few safety factors to keep in mind when you work with any batteries. The biggest concern is to avoid short-circuiting the battery, or allowing the positive and negative ends of batteries to touch. This can cause the battery to overheat if it occurs for an extended period of time. To avoid this, remember to remove any scraps of metal from your work surface and to take off any jewelry before handling battery cells. I like to use plastic or wooden tools when possible to avoid dropping something metal on top of the exposed contacts of a battery I’m working on.

As long as you use high quality lithium ion battery cells along with a battery management system and don’t accidentally short circuit your cells while you’re working on them, your battery building will be a safe and rewarding experience. For a complete how-to on battery building, please contact with Coremax, and if you’re interested in a kit to get you started, you can check out here along with the complete instructions for assembling  here.