Find out and get li ion Battery pack Specs For Your Project

In order to choose the right battery for your project, you’ll need to know three main specifications: the voltage, current, and energy capacity requirements of your project.

By adding more battery cells in series you can increase the voltage to meet your needs, such as 12V or 24V for most consumer products like 3D printers and chargers, to 36V or 48V for things like electric bicycles or home energy storage systems.

You can add cells in parallel to increase the current capacity of your battery. For example, if one battery cell can provide 10A then three cells in parallel will provide 30A.

Lastly, adding cells in parallel also increases the total energy capacity of the battery. For example, if your project requires a 20 amp-hour (AH) battery, you can put six cells of 3.4AH each in parallel. Calculating run-time is easy once you know your current draw. If your project uses 5 amps, that 20AH battery will run for 4 hours (20AH/5A = 4 hours).