12.8v lifepo4 battery

12.8v lifepo4 battery

LiFePo4( lithium iron phosphate) battery for solar street light Battery Pack

Coremax Technology is one of leading supplier of lithium iron phosphate battery solar street light products, Our main products Solar Power Battery Pack Lifepo4 lithium iron phosphate is one of the most important product series of Coremax. 12 years experiences of manufacturing lithium battery products.

Coremax unswerving uphold the business principle of ”Zero Torence on Quality problems, and 8 hours fast response for any problems customer meets”. With our whole-hearted commitment to provide the most competitive customized charging battery solutions to customers worldwide, we are seeking global customers and partners to walk to the green future hand in hand.

Our existing customized lithium iron phosphate battery packs are widely used in worldwide for solar street light products.


lithium iron phosphate battery solar Battery Pack  made by LiFePo4 IFR32650 cells or IFR32700cells. 4S8P or 4S10P. The nominal voltage 12.8v. When it is fully charged. The voltage goes to 14.6v. Cut off voltage: 8 volt. lithium iron phosphate battery due to high operating temperature, Much long life cycles, small size, light weight, no memory effect, no pollution, low self-discharge, is the ideal for outdoor solar street light energy nowadays especially when Price of lifepo4 come down much right now. It could be the perfect choice to replace the old lead acid one.

Lithium batteries lifepo4 battery pack are now more widely used in energy storage of water, fire, wind and solar power and other energy supply system, UPS (Short for uninterrupted power supple), Telecommunications, and Powered Hand Tools, Electric bike, Electric motorcycle, Electric vehicles, Military equipment, Aerospace and other field.

Cylindrical Rechargeable LiFePO4 Battery Cell List :

Part No.: Nominal
End of Charge Voltage End of Discharge Charge Discharge Weight(g) Size(mm)
18650 3.2V 1500mAh 3.7V 2.0V 0.2-1C 0.2-3C 42 18.5*65.3
26650 3.2V 3200mAh 3.7V 2.0V 0.2-1C 0.2-3C 88 26.5*65.3
26650 3.2V 3300mAh 3.7V 2.0V 0.2-1C 0.2-3C 90 26.5*65.3
32650 3.2V 5000mAh 3.7V 2.0V 0.2-1C 0.2-3C 110 32.5*65.3
32700 3.2V 6000mAh 3.7V 2.0V 0.2-1C 0.2-3C 120 32.5*70.3

Solar Street Light Battery Pack List

Battery Model Casing Battery Cell Combination Working Current Watt Size(MM) Weight(KG)
12V 3AH Blue PVC 26650-3AH 4S1P ≤3A ≤25W 112*70*30 0.35
12V 6AH Blue PVC 26650-3AH 4S2P ≤3A ≤25W 220*70*30 0.65
12V 9AH Blue PVC 26650-3AH 4S3P ≤3A ≤25W 270*85*30 1
12V 12AH Blue PVC 26650-3AH 4S4P ≤3A ≤25W 270*110*30 1.3
12V 15AH Blue PVC 26650-3AH 4S5P ≤8A ≤80W 270*140*30 1.6
12V 18AH Blue PVC 26650-3AH 4S6P ≤8A ≤80W 270*165*30 1.95
12V 21AH Blue PVC 26650-3AH 4S7P ≤8A ≤80W 270*190*30 2.25
12V 24AH Blue PVC 26650-3AH 4S8P ≤8A ≤80W 270*220*30 2.6
12V 27AH Blue PVC 26650-3AH 4S9P ≤8A ≤80W 270*245*30 2.9
12V 30AH Blue PVC 26650-3AH 4S10P ≤8A ≤80W 270*270*30 3.2
12V 33AH Blue PVC 26650-3AH 4S11P ≤8A ≤80W 270*295*30 3.6
12V 36AH Blue PVC 26650-3AH 4S12P ≤8A ≤80W 270*325*30 3.9
12V 39AH Blue PVC 26650-3AH 4S13P ≤8A ≤80W 270*350*30 4.2
12V 2AH Blue PVC 18650-2AH 3S1P ≤3A ≤25W 60*70*20 0.2
12V 4AH Blue PVC 18650-2AH 3S2P ≤3A ≤25W 120*70*20 0.3
12V 6AH Blue PVC 18650-2AH 3S3P ≤3A ≤25W 170*70*20 0.5
12V 8AH Blue PVC 18650-2AH 3S4P ≤3A ≤25W 215*80*20 0.6
12V 10AH Blue PVC 18650-2AH 3S5P ≤3A ≤25W 215*100*20 0.8
12V 12AH Blue PVC 18650-2AH 3S6P ≤3A ≤25W 215*115*20 0.9
12V 14AH Blue PVC 18650-2AH 3S7P ≤8A ≤80W 215*135*20 1.1
12V 16AH Blue PVC 18650-2AH 3S8P ≤8A ≤80W 215*155*20 1.2
12V 18AH Blue PVC 18650-2AH 3S9P ≤8A ≤80W 215*170*20 1.4
12V 20AH Blue PVC 18650-2AH 3S10P ≤8A ≤80W 215*190*20 1.5
12V 22AH Blue PVC 18650-2AH 3S11P ≤8A ≤80W 215*210*20 1.7
12V 24AH Blue PVC 18650-2AH 3S12P ≤8A ≤80W 215*230*20 1.8
12V 26AH Blue PVC 18650-2AH 3S13P ≤8A ≤80W 215*240*20 2
12V 28AH Blue PVC 18650-2AH 3S14P ≤8A ≤80W 215*265*20 2.1
12V 30AH Blue PVC 18650-2AH 3S15P ≤8A ≤80W 215*280*20 2.3
12V 32AH Blue PVC 18650-2AH 3S16P ≤8A ≤80W 215*300*20 2.4
12V 34AH Blue PVC 18650-2AH 3S17P ≤8A ≤80W 215*320*20 2.6
12V 36AH Blue PVC 18650-2AH 3S18P ≤8A ≤80W 215*340*20 2.7
12V 38AH Blue PVC 18650-2AH 3S19P ≤8A ≤80W 215*355*20 2.9
12V 40AH Blue PVC 18650-2AH 3S20P ≤8A ≤80W 215*375*20 3
12V 2.2AH Blue PVC 18650-2.2AH 3S1P ≤3A ≤25W 60*70*20 0.2
12V 4.4AH Blue PVC 18650-2.2AH 3S2P ≤3A ≤25W 120*70*20 0.3
12V 6.6AH Blue PVC 18650-2.2AH 3S3P ≤3A ≤25W 170*70*20 0.5
12V 8.8AH Blue PVC 18650-2.2AH 3S4P ≤3A ≤25W 215*80*20 0.6
12V 10.4AH Blue PVC 18650-2.2AH 3S5P ≤3A ≤25W 215*100*20 0.8
12V 13.2AH Blue PVC 18650-2.2AH 3S6P ≤3A ≤25W 215*115*20 0.9
12V 15.4AH Blue PVC 18650-2.2AH 3S7P ≤8A ≤80W 215*135*20 1.1
12V 17.6AH Blue PVC 18650-2.2AH 3S8P ≤8A ≤80W 215*155*20 1.2
12V 19.8AH Blue PVC 18650-2.2AH 3S9P ≤8A ≤80W 215*170*20 1.4
12V 22AH Blue PVC 18650-2.2AH 3S10P ≤8A ≤80W 215*190*20 1.5
12V 24.2AH Blue PVC 18650-2.2AH 3S11P ≤8A ≤80W 215*210*20 1.7
12V 26.4AH Blue PVC 18650-2.2AH 3S12P ≤8A ≤80W 215*230*20 1.8
12V 28.6AH Blue PVC 18650-2.2AH 3S13P ≤8A ≤80W 215*240*20 2
12V 30.8AH Blue PVC 18650-2.2AH 3S14P ≤8A ≤80W 215*265*20 2.1
12V 33AH Blue PVC 18650-2.2AH 3S15P ≤8A ≤80W 215*280*20 2.3
12V 35.2AH Blue PVC 18650-2.2AH 3S16P ≤8A ≤80W 215*300*20 2.4
12V 37.4AH Blue PVC 18650-2.2AH 3S17P ≤8A ≤80W 215*320*20 2.6
12V 39.6AH Blue PVC 18650-2.2AH 3S18P ≤8A ≤80W 215*340*20 2.7
12V 41.8AH Blue PVC 18650-2.2AH 3S19P ≤8A ≤80W 215*355*20 2.9
12V 44AH Blue PVC 18650-2.2AH 3S20P ≤8A ≤80W 215*375*20 3