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Advantages of COREMAX lithium Batteries over other batteries?

COREMAX utilizes the latest advancements in lithium-ion battery technology along with custom features to provide you with the best battery for your vehicle:

  • Internal Cell Balancing Circuit – COREMAX batteries have a micro-processor controlled internal cell balancing board in each of its batteries designed to maximize the performance of each cell in the batteries.
  • Battery Management System (BMS) – COREMAX lithium-ion smart batteries contain a solid state switch that controls temperature volatility. This switch prevents overcharging and discharging, improving the overall lifespan performance and safety of the batteries.
  • Quality Engineering – COREMAX innovation laboratory prides itself on the design and construction of its batteries utilizing the highest quality components in all phases of design and construction. The COREMAX built-in intelligent components guarantee the safety and quality of each COREMAX product.
  • Prismatic Cells – Cylindrical cells only come in certain sizes which limits the possible shapes and sizes of the starter battery case designs. As such, batteries fit for many vehicles may be poor, or impossible as they are too wide or too tall and create internal hot spots. COREMAX prismatic cells on the other hand, are rectangular packages which can be freely designed and sized according to the size requirements of the battery case. As such, COREMAX offers perfect drop-in fit in most vehicles along with having better thermal management properties.


Benifits to Choose COREMAX Home Batteries?

- Unique design, high performance.
- Ten years design lifetime
- Any spectrum can be OEM/ODM, at any stage of growth.
- Top quality material, Easy installation, and maintenance.
- Y15+ Professional engineer team support

What is the normal production and the lead time?

10-20 days for the samples; 35-45 working days for the mass production

How can I get a sample from you?

After payment, we can send you by express, such as, FedEx, DHL, UPS and so on. For Energy storage and Golfcart batteries, we will shipping by sea.

How long does Coremax lithium ion solar batteries last?

Our lithium-ion solar cells use BYD, CATL,Ganfeng lithium A grade LiFePoe cells, Designed to last up to 15-20 years. The duration of the battery depends on various factors. Experience shows that Coremax energy storage batteries can assume a service life over 20 years and more then 6000 cycle life.

Can I use the Coremax lithium solar battery in conjuction with any solar system?

Yes. the Coremax lithium solar battery can be combined with any standard home solar system.

When is battery storage worth it?

Battery storage makes sense in order to be able to use the electricity from one's own solar system more efficiently. Electricity not consumed during the day can also be used in the evening through intermediate storage in the battery.

What storage capacity is useful?

The Storage capacity should be selected depending on the power consumption as well as the installed PV power. Battery storage should be
Not exceed 1.5kwh per 1 kw of PV capacity.
Not exceed 1.5kWh per 1000kwh/a of electricity consumption
Be installed only if the PV power exceeds 0.5kw per 100kwh/a of electricity consumption.

How to install the batteries to my golfcart or Solar system

We can send installation drawings or video; or our engineers can do the installation for you.