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Your Most reliable supplier from China for Lithium ion battery solutions. From LiFePo4 battery energy storage system to EV..

40kwh battery storage system USA

40kwh 48v 800Ah Solar Power storage rack mounted LiFePo4 Lithium battery for off grid system

Off grid inverter 8kw 65%
Mono Solar PV panels 8000w 24 pcs 100%
LiFePo4 battery 48v 800Ah 80%
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48v 300Ah

15Kwh battery bank 48v 300Ah LiFePo4 from Canada

15Kwh battery bank 48v 300Ah LiFePo4 storage system pack LFP powerwall system with Growatt inverter

Growatt inverter 5000w 100%
3000w Solar PV panels 10pcs 65%
CMX48100 48v 100Ah 3pcs 80%

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Coremax integrates the latest technology and systematic management to constantly improve its manufacturing system and provide state of the art products to exceed customer expectations both in quality and price.

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