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Best or cheapest: 48V 72v Lithium Golf Cart Battery

72 volt lithium golf cart battery

Golf courses are big, so keeping the golf cart running properly during recreation is the main task. In the past, we used lead-acid batteries as the power source for golf carts, but with advances in lithium-ion battery technology, lithium ion golf cart batteries are gradually coming into the limelight.
In order to meet the needs of consumers, more and more lithium battery manufacturers have introduced lithium-ion golf cart battery solutions, including some golf cart manufacturers such as EZ-GO, Yamaha, etc. also use lithium-ion batteries as their power source when manufacturing the entire cart.

What makes golf cart lithium batteries so excellent?

Lithium batteries have fast charging and discharging time, which greatly saves time cost. Compared with lead-acid batteries, lithium-ion batteries of the same capacity can be used for a longer period of time when fully charged. These batteries are light in weight. For that reason, they do not end up being a worry to the golf cart.There is no power loss in charge loss. Lithium-ion batteries do not need to be refilled with acid during use, reducing maintenance costs. Lithium Golf Cart Battery can also be classified as 12V, 36V and 48V by the usage scenario and golf cart motor, these are the most common types of Lithium Golf Cart Battery, where 48 volt lithium battery has become one of the most powerful batteries on the market today, it can not only power your golf cart but also provide excellent speed, acceleration and value for utility vehicles, AGVs and more.

We have compiled a list of the most popular 48V Lithium Golf Cart Battery on the market today, in no particular order, and you can get the best 48V Lithium Golf Cart Battery solution by reading this article.

Most popular 48 V Lithium Golf Cart Batteries

1. Allied 48V 30 Ah Lithium Golf Cart Battery

Allied Battery has years of experience in the lithium battery field, their 48V 30Ah golf cart battery uses LiFePo4 technology, which is one of the safest electrochemical, but this is not the only feature of Allied Battery, because most of the well-known lithium ion golf cart batteries on the market use LiFePo4 technology So Allied Battery will be more prominent in the golf cart field with their plug-and-play feature if you choose to replace the lead-acid batteries in your golf cart with their 48V lithium batteries, installed just like 1,2,3… as simple as that.

Allied Battery batteries are based on the original 48V 30Ah Li-ion battery module, and depending on your usage requirements and mileage requirements for the high two courses, you can connect 2-6 of these batteries in parallel, meaning from 2 x 48V 30AH (60AH) batteries all the way up to 6 x 48V 30AH (180AH) batteries, and to extend the life of the Allied Battery batteries, they prefer to use the Allied Charger to charge the golf cart batteries.

3.Lithiumhub 48V Lithium Golf Cart Battery

Lithiumhub’s 48V Lithium Golf Cart Battery is somewhat similar to Allied’s battery in that they are also plug-and-play and ready to replace, but the difference is that their battery capacity is only 27Ah. If you are replacing your golf cart with a Lithiumhub lithium battery, then you can use their The Ionic Bluetooth app helps you track battery life easier than ever, with all the data you need to turn on your phone to see.

What Lithiumhub is most proud of compared to other lithium golf cart battery brands is that they can offer users an 11-year warranty, which makes them one of the most impressive lithium golf cart battery brands for users.

2.Go Battery 48 V 100Ah Lithium Golf Cart Battery

Go battery’s 48V golf cart lithium battery has a completely different, long design that allows for better filling of the golf cart seat. And it has an actual battery capacity of 105Ah, which means you don’t need to connect more modules to your golf cart in parallel, just one battery for your long-distance driving pleasure.

Go battery 48V golf cart lithium batteries claim to be the smallest, lightest and most powerful lithium batteries in the world, but that’s also because they use lithium iron phosphate technology, which is currently the most suitable for energy storage. In their product description, they talk about 1C = 100A / 1-hour discharge to 30% deep DOD with a battery life of over 8000 life cycles, and if that can be achieved in real-world use, then this is indeed a reason to go for it.

Besides, the actual nominal voltage of Go battery is 51.2V, so the battery can be used in golf carts, but also produce good effects in solar energy, electric cars, mini-homes, RVs, and telecom systems.

4.Coremax 48V Lithium Golf Cart Battery

CMX golf cart lithium battery manufacturer provides high-quality solutions for EZ Go, Club Car, Yamaha and other brands with 48V Lithium Golf Cart Battery, and we can also provide different battery capacities for different usage scenarios, you can see on our website that there are regular 30Ah, 60Ah, 80Ah, 100Ah, 120Ah capacity 48V Lithium Golf Cart Battery. On our website, you can see the regular 30Ah, 60Ah, 80Ah, 100Ah, 120Ah capacity 48V Golf Cart Battery, and also the unconventional 150Ah, 200Ah, 300Ah and 400Ah capacity 48V Golf Cart Battery, as our brand stands for, our goal is to provide customers with the best lithium battery! solutions for our customers.

CMX 48V lithium golf cart batteries are manufactured using CATL’s Power LiFePO4 cells. 3,500+ cycle times (5 – 10 years daily life) compared to 500 cycles for other lithium or lead acid batteries. Optimal performance down to minus 20 degrees Fahrenheit (for winter warriors). Plus twice the power of lead-acid batteries at 1/4 the weight of a 6V lead-acid battery pack. all backed by a first-class 10-year warranty.

For best performance, you’ll want to choose a LiPo battery and a charger that will load or can load the right algorithm. CMX recommends several chargers, including the Lester Summit 2 Series, Delta-Q IC Series, Delta-Q Quiq Series, and Pro Charging Systems Eagle Performance. (CMX Battery Joins Delta-Q Technologies’ Battery Compatibility Program)

Lithium Iron Technology: Ampere Time Deep Cycle Lithium-Ion batteries always give you an exceptionally long life. Batteries contain LiFePO 4-pole plates or cells that give you high energy density. Therefore, you can get better and more stable performance.

Lightweight: Our regular 48V 100Ah battery weighs only 48.5kg and is safe and environmentally friendly. You can easily put the battery anywhere.

Versatile: In addition to being used in golf carts, CMX lithium-ion batteries are perfect for RVs, medical equipment, boats, and sleazy power vehicles.

Longer life and more safety: CMX Lithium Ion batteries give you about 3000 to 4000 cycles and about ten years of life compared to the 300 to 500 processes that lead-acid batteries offer.

Efficient power and capacity expansion: Users can connect batteries in parallel and series according to their needs or requirements.

72v lithium ion 100Ah battery pack

Relion 48 V Lithium Golf Cart Battery

Undoubtedly one of the most popular battery brands in the Lithium Golf Cart Battery segment, Relion, a veteran lithium battery company, offers the InSight Series™ 48V Lithium Iron Phosphate, a GC2 size drop-in replacement battery designed for golf carts, utility vehicles, LSVs and AGVs.

The InSight Series series has a very powerful expansion capability, he can connect up to 10 identical modules in parallel, providing you with up to 300Ah of battery capacity, so you can easily meet your higher range needs, but usually in the golf cart field, 2-6 batteries are sufficient.

1 InSight 48V battery = 12 – 17 miles per charge, 2 InSight 48V batteries = 24 – 34 miles per charge, 3 InSight 48V batteries = 36 – 51 miles per charge, 4 InSight 48V batteries = 48 – 70 miles per charge, 5 InSight 48V batteries = 60 – 85 miles per charge Per charge, 6 InSight 48V batteries = 72 – 102 miles per charge, you can easily determine the number of batteries you want by following their instructions.

Dakotalithium 48 V Lithium Golf Cart Battery

The Dakota lithium 48 V Lithium Golf Cart Battery warranty is as attractive as they look, as they, like Lithiumhub, can promise their customers an 11-year warranty. In addition, their 96Ah battery capacity provides consistent performance for most golf carts.

If you are using a cart with a top speed of 27 Ah and want to expect 30-40 miles of battery range, don’t worry, you only need to parallel 2 battery cells to double the range.

This 48V 96Ah is also the largest Lithium Golf Cart Battery made by Dakota Lithium, with up to 5kWh of deep cycle power in a single power source, and is optimized for deep cycle and marine applications such as 48V solar storage, 48V electric outboard motors, 48V golf carts, or any 48V long term applications that require a stable power source. Includes a free 48V 8A amp LiFePO4 charger!

LBS 48V Lithium Golf Cart Battery

LBS’ 48 V Lithium Golf Cart Battery has a cycle life of 6000 times, and they also have many different capacities to choose from, such as 40Ah, 60Ah, 100Ah, 120Ah, but this is not all of them can choose the type of battery, if Your golf cart has special needs and they can customize the system for you up to 480Ah, so it is also perfect for solar in 48V, marine and RV systems, robotics, warehouse work vehicles and forklifts in 48V electrical systems.

Their 48V 100Ah battery system has tested 58-63 miles on the EzGo, but that’s the result of a driver driving about 10m/h on relatively flat asphalt, if your golf cart is in Different altitudes, terrains, or use at different speeds may change this result.

Chargex 48 V Lithium Golf Cart Battery

The Chargex 48 V Lithium Golf Cart Battery uses a combination of cylindrical LiFePo4 cells, which are less stable than prismatic cells, but they are easier to produce, have a lower cost per kilowatt, and have good heat dissipation.

Again, to meet the varying needs of consumers, the Chargex 48 V Lithium battery page offers a variety of capacity options such as 50Ah, 75Ah, 80Ah and 100Ah, and this Chargex® 48V 100AH lithium-ion battery kit is a “direct replacement”. Simply remove the old battery, connect the Chargex® lithium-ion battery, and you’re ready to go, no changes or additional parts are required.

The Chargex product description page shows us their battery cell method of bolting on, which gives the battery improved strength and better conductivity.

Ampere Time 48 V Lithium Golf Cart Battery

The Ampere Time 48 V Lithium Golf Cart Battery is not their mainline, but their brand is very popular on Amazon, which is why I added them to the list.

You can use their 12V series of lithium battery systems to combine and put them into your golf cart, and you can choose the number of batteries you want according to your specific needs. And in addition to golf cart applications, you can use these batteries for RVs, off-grid applications, marine systems.

In their publicity, they say that their battery cycle life can reach 4000~8000, but we know that if lithium iron phosphate batteries are used, this cycle life is not surprising.

LiFePO4 Golf Cart Batteries - S51160 - RoyPow

This is a new brand main market in USA. This brand use EVE lfp cells which is most welcome in market as the price is much cheaper then most of other USA golfcart lithium battery brands.

48v vs 72v golf cart

A golf cart usually runs on a 48 volt or a 72 volt electrical system. Here are some differences between a 48V and a 72V golf cart:

  1. Speed and power - A 72V golf cart is faster and more powerful than a 48V golf cart. With a 72V system, a golf cart can reach speeds of up to 25 mph, while a 48V cart usually tops out at around 20 mph. Additionally, a 72V golf cart has more torque, allowing it to climb steep hills with little effort.

  2. Battery life - A 72V golf cart generally has a longer battery life than a 48V cart. The reason for this is that a 72V system uses fewer batteries than a 48V system, which reduces the chances of a battery failure.

  3. Cost - A 72V golf cart is generally more expensive than a 48V golf cart due to the larger size of the system and the need for specialized components. Additionally, replacement batteries for a 72V system can be more expensive than those for a 48V system.

  4. Durability - A 72V golf cart is generally more durable than a 48V golf cart. The reason for this is that a 72V system is able to handle more stress, which means that it's less likely to suffer from wear and tear over time.

When deciding between a 48V or 72V golf cart, it's important to consider your specific needs and usage requirements. If you need a golf cart that can reach high speeds and handle steep hills, a 72V system may be the better choice. However, if you're on a budget or only require moderate speeds and power, a 48V system may be sufficient.

48V Golf Cart 72V Golf Cart
Speed Up to 20 mph Up to 25 mph
Power Less More
Battery life Shorter Longer
Cost Less expensive More expensive
Durability Less durable More durable


The above brands of 48V lithium golf cart batteries have different advantages. No matter how you choose, you must find the battery that best meets your needs, and follow the battery manufacturer’s rules to use your battery reasonably, such as in some golf carts. It is stipulated that the car battery needs to be at 30% DOD to reach 7000 cycles, so you also need not overcharge and discharge in daily use to ensure that your battery has a service life of nearly 7000 cycles.

If you still have some questions about the choice of 48V lithium-ion golf cart, you can contact our professional engineer team at, and attach the brand and voltage of the golf cart you are using. We will patiently give you the answer.

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