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Battery Management Systems

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Battery Management Systems

Battery Management Systems for battery pack

LiFePo4 battery pack BMS system

Unlike traditional batteries, Li-ion battery systems require a battery management system (BMS) to ensure safe operation and protect the life of the battery pack. The BMS can be incorporated into each module, or be external to manage a number of modules in a pack. We incorporate protective electronics to monitor the temperature and voltage of each cell within the module. The external BMS / Controller monitors the health and state of charge of the entire battery pack, and takes the necessary corrective action to ensure long life for the battery pack. In addition, the BMS / controller collects and reports performance data and can control contactors and fans.

Balancing Lithium-ion Batteries

With the high energy of Lithium-ion batteries, extra care needs to be taken to make sure the batteries in a pack are balanced, not only upon initiation of the pack, but throughout the  charge and discharge cycles. Lithium batteries do not inherently dissipate excess charge, so the BMS must monitor and control them to stay in balance. Our BMS automatically balances the cells when in operation.

BMS application typical case

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Solar energy storage BMS

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