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Coremax Technology is an all in one Lithium ion battery pack manufacturer & supplier provide lithium ion battery cell, BMS and final battery packs.

CMX lithium batteries have passed numerous international certification requirements and we continue to upgrade our product quality and performance with proven technologies. Quality is one of our core values and our pursuit of quality will continue to drive the company to advance in the industry.

CMX provide high quality standard A grade Cells only to the market. This insure our design and fina battery solution can last over 15+ years.

Beside normal low voltage BMS, CMX has already developed high voltage BMS and apply for many industry like solar energy storage and high voltage UPS systems.

Battery Pack production line in house production from CMX. Different from most of other trading companies. CMX has it own factory in Dongguang Guangdong.

Based on different senario, there is a perfect solution from CMX always. From low voltage system to high voltage battery system.CMX is your best choice as a lithium battery supplier.

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Unique Supplier

Coremax is one of the lithium ion battery companies and supplier from Shenzhen city China, as a unique professional lithium-ion battery manufacturer, Coremax vertical integration of all technologies needed for ESS (Energy storage system) including cathode material, lithium cell, BMS and system integration. With self developed key technologies and dedication to

 ESS applications. With more than 1.8 GWh products been commissioned in 30 countries until end 2020, Coremax is proudly contributing our strength in changing the way people generating, transferring and using the electricity.

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Keep using CATL

Keep using CATL prismatic cells for all energy storage products like our Powerwall, ground racked models and

 golfcart batteries. CATL is the cell supplier to Tesla from china. and becauses more and more famous brand in electric vehicles. We are not try to make the energy storage system cheapest in this world. what we more cares are the safety and quality and services for a long term healthy cooperation

Striving to grow into a global lithium batteries leader acknowledged and respected at home and abroad, Coremax has for many years been in working hard on designing, developing and manufacturing high-technology lithium batteries for lithium industry and specialized applications.

Safety excellent

From breakthrough lithium materials chemistry to innovations in battery systems management and complete system design, Coremax provides game-changing energy storage solutions that deliver a new combination of high power, excellent safety, and long life.

Our vertically integrated, state-of-the-art global manufacturing facilities produce high-quality lithium cells, modules, and battery packs systems to meet evolving customer requirements for innovative technology.

After over 10 years of development, we have owned 3 production bases which are respectively located in Guangdong. We have a sales team of staff who all have rich sales experience in the industry and master a large quantity of knowledge of our lithium-ion battery products. Owing to their help, we are able to sell our products to the whole world.

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