Electric bike battery 36v 10ah lithium ion 36 volt electric bicycle battery with charger

electric bike battery 36v 10ah is made of oringinal18650 battery cells. Coremax provide  36v 10ah battery charger together with the battery pack. It will very easy to instal it to your ebike.

Coremax Technology provide professional custom make OEM Lithium ion battery packs. Voltage from 3.7V to 100V. Capacity from 1Ah–100Ah. Apply with Oringinal brand battery cells like 18650,26650,32650. Cell capactiy from 180mAh to 3200mAh.

Oringinal battery cells

Apply with NCM Lithium ion battery cells.Discharge capability from 3C to 5C. Capacity 2000mAh, 2200mAh, 2500mAh. 3000mah and 3200mAh as optional.

Battery shell holder

We use quality battery cell shell holder. Make sure the battery pack with very good temp environment. Battery cell works in a great condition.

Oringinal battery cells

use qualified high purity nickel as connection of battery cells. Low internal resistance. Capability to Handel with higher rate current.And low heat generated.

Oringinal battery cells

Built in BMS battery management system. Protection for over charge, over discharge, over current and over temperature. Also short circuit protection is included.

Battery shell holder

When pack the battery cells. We use high quality insulation Paper. It is well protected the battery cell from short circuit and getting fire.

Oringinal battery cells

We use High quality Epoxy insulation board. Protect battery pack from 6 different side. Lithium Battery pack safety is priority always.

Battery shell holder

High quality shrink film PVC for all battery packs. It is well protection of battery pack and also has basic waterproof function.Make sure the battery pack arrives with good appearance.

Battery shell holder

100% aging test is apply for every PC products from Coremax. Charging and discharging test. Make sure we delivery the best qualify battery packs to customers.

Specifications of electric bike battery 36v 10ah



Nominal Voltage


Nominal  Capacity






Max Charge Protection Voltage


Cut-off Discharge Voltage


Charging Time


Charge Method

(constant current and constant voltage )

Max Discharge Current

3C (Customized)

Recharge Cycle Life


Working Temperature






One month


and Humidity

Three months


One year:


Protection Fuctions

Over charge, Over discharge,
Over load, Short Circuit


12 months


electric bike battery 36v 10ah production

Lithium ion battery cell production

Lithium ion battery cell production

Lithium-ion battery cell production