18650 battery bulk charger, battery bulk charger

18650 battery bulk charger CMX48 is designed for NI-MH, Ni-Cd, and lithium ion 18650, LiFePo4 18650 batteries. With intelligent IC, Smart controller battery charging system. This is Make sure the high efficiency charging and safety charging. It is designed with fixed + contact. And – contact can be adjusted to adaptor with different battery. It is not only a perfect solution for 18650 battery bulk charging, but also can be customized for All kind of Other 3.7v rechargeable lithium ion batteries and battery pack. No matter for China brand 18650, or LG, Samsung 18650, Tenergy.. Coremax 18650 battery bulk charger is a perfect solution for you

18650 battery bulk charger protection

customized different models

Charging your 18650 cells safty:

The 18650 bulk charger charging the cells with constant current constant voltage. When the battery cell voltage close to 4.2v, the output current turns to 0. It is safty to charge the lithium batteries. Protect it from over charged.

Specifications of 18650 battery bulk charger

  1. Adapt with single way charge. Each cell with a separated charging controller and LED indicator. Any one of them damaged will not affect other.
  2. Support charging old battery and new batteries at same time. No need worry about the differences of volt and internal resistance.
  3. Easy maintains. Each 4 way with 1 PCB. If anyone is defective, just easily switch a new PCB. therefore No need to change whole.
  4. Each with single controller and LED indicator. Easy to determine which battery is bad.

Easy to know which cell is charged

Easy mount it to the wall

Brand Model: CMX48
Product Name: 18650 bulk charger
Input: 90-260V AC, 50/60Hz
output: 400ma 400ma
Weight: 9KG 9KG
Product Dimentions 510*510*150mm
Features: Mix charging and bulk charger for batteries
Battery type: ni-mh,NiCd,lithium ion 18650,LiFePo4 18650 batteries.

Bulk charging lithium polymer batteries

Lithium polymer battery bulk charger

Customized Lithium polymer battery bulk charger allows you charge  the Lithium polymer(liPo) batteries in bulk quantity. Coremax support to OEM different charging connectors to adapt with your lipo battery. Each charging port set a 4.2v. When battery cell is fully charged, a green light is turned on.

Bulk charging lithium polymer batteries

LiFePo4 battery cell bulk charger( Bulk charger for lithium iron phosphate cells)

Custom make bulk charger for lithium iron phosphate cells( LiFePo4 bulk charger). We make it support IFR18650, and pouch LiFePo4 cells. The LiFePo4 bulk charger voltage set as 3.65v. Your cells never got over charged. When cell is fully charged. a green light is turn on.

Coremax Provide High quality 18650 battery cell in bulk qantity.If you are looking for 18650 battery cells, please contact with our sales team.

FAQ About Rechargeable Lithium battery bulk charger

Can I use the 18650 bulk charger to bulk charge lipo batteries with connector?

A: You need order lipo battery bulk charger for lipo batteries. A lipo battery bulk charger with different type connectors and with a battery tray. Allows you place the lipo cells.

How long should I charge my 18650 battery?

Our charging output current is about 400mA. so charge time all depends on your 18650 battery cell capacity. Longer charge times are usually the first sign you should consider replacing a battery.

Is it OK to leave a lithium ion battery on the charger?

Our Bulk charger with voltage limitation. For ICR18650, 4.2v. IFR18650 3.65v. the system is intelligent enough to leave the battery on float charging. its safe to keep it on the charger.This is the situation in large systems. … NiMH batteries needed to to be discharged fully and recharged to take care of the memory effect. LiIon batteries have no memory, so no need to carry out the ritual.