14.8v lithium li ion 4000mah lithium ion battery packs

4000mah lithium ion battery packs

Voltage: 14.8V   ,Capacity:4000mAh
Dimensions: 36*72*56mm   .Weight: 192g
Discharge cut off voltage: 14.4V
Charging voltage:14.8V   Charge current:6500mA
Charging time: 3 hours (05CmA) (approximately)
Operating temperature: -20 to 60°C
Storage temperature: -5 to 35°C (less than 1 month), -5 to 35°C (less than 3  months)

lithium ion battery packs

lithium ion battery packs

lithium ion battery packs

lithium ion battery packs


Green product, Long standby time, Excellent safety performance
Excellent storage performance and low self-discharge rate
Over-discharge testing passed, 150C thermal shock test passed
1.2m drop testing passed

Major applications:

Portable equipment: laptops, camcorders, PDAs, digital cameras, portable DVDs and more
Home appliances: two-way radios, walkie-talkies, electric toys, electric bicycles, emergency lighting
Military equipment: IR telescopes
Medical devices
Power tools

About Coremax

As a Lithium ion battery pack factory, Coremax owned a battery design, research and development team with rich experience and pay attention to batteries in all aspects. It providing customers with the latest, advanced and safest mobile power solution. Coremax equipped with State-of-the-art manufacturing equipment and precise detection instruments and computer monitoring equipment. With the strict accordance on the quality management system, Coremax battery always ensure the performance of security and stability to meet customers’ requirements.

Coremax pays much more attention to the details and management to maintain a good reputation from customer. With the excellent quality and reliability.

Q&A about lithium ion battery packs

What’s The MOQ(minimum order quantity)?

The MOQ could be different for different products you selected from Coremax.

For Lithium ION Battery Packs. The MOQ is 100pcs; For Simple Lithium polymer batteries. The MOQ is 5000pcs; Other ODM batteries, please welcome contact with our sales for details.

Can I get a sample for quality test before I place an order with Coremax?

Yes, Please let us knows details of your requirements.  Coremax will provide samples.

Are you manufacturer or simply trading company? Can we visit your factory?

We are manufacturer, and we sincerely welcome you to visit our factory!

Once we have your schedule, we will arrange the professional sales team to follow up your case.