1.5V rechargeable lithium ion AA battery


1.5V rechargeable AA battery is a rechargeable AA battery with LiCoO2(same as lithium ion battery or lithium polymer battery) chemical. The unique is the voltage. Normal LiCoO2 with nominal voltage 3.7v while coremax 1.5v rechargeable AA battery is 1.5v. This voltage changes by a little tinny small PCM on the top of cells. Convert the 3.7v to be 1.5v.
AA battery, with lithium chemical inside. The battery is rechargeable and super long cycle life. It is much more powerful compared with other 1.5v lithium ion AA batteries.

The 1.5 volt Lithium AA battery also Called R6 lithium battery. Battery size height 49mm, 14mm diameter. It is a perfect product to replace traditional Ni-CD or N-HM rechargeable batteries.

The built in protection circuity make sure the inside lithium chemistry battery fully charged to be 4.2V. Discharge current is always 1.5V. Built in protection circuity will also protect against output short circut. However, it is very important to use only the provided special charger to charge the battery cells.

safety notes: Do not use any other NiMH/NiCD, lithium ion battery chargers! Also, do not abuse these batteries, do not short, bend, crush or puncture battery cell. Always inspect batteries and surrounding PVC for any damage or possibility of short circuits.


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