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Pioneers in Battery Pack Manufacturing

Pioneers in Battery Pack Manufacturing COREMAX

Coremax Technology is a leader in the manufacturing of custom lithium battery packs, providing cost-effective and environmentally safe solutions to meet our customers' specifications. Based in Shenzhen city, China, we offer a range of chemistry types and configurations to match the performance and size requirements of our clients.

Our Coremax 10 KWH and 5 KWH LFP powerwall products have been widely accepted in the solar energy storage industry, catering to both off-grid and on-grid residential energy storage systems (ESS).

At Coremax Technology, we are dedicated to helping our customers design the best custom battery pack products. We focus on providing innovative and reliable solutions that exceed our clients' expectations, making us a preferred choice in the industry.

Coremax Technology is at the forefront of custom lithium battery pack manufacturing, delivering top-notch products and services to meet the needs of the energy storage industry.


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LiFePO4 Lithium Iron Phosphate battery packs are extremely powerful, capable of providing high discharge rates even at elevated temperatures. Safety is improved over other lithium ion chemistries due to its thermal and chemical stability. LiFePO4 cells are long lasting and boast a 10+ year shelf life due to its slower decline of energy density. Battery packs are capable of providing 5000+ cycles, which could outlast the product it is powering!


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High Voltage System
HV ESS Commercial Storage Battery System

For large commercial ESS. normally you will require HV battery system. Coremax provide high DC battery voltage up to 768V. Suitable for system over 50KWH, 100kWh. 150kWh or 200kWh.


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Coremax Solar energy storage system battery modules consists of multiple cells connected in a series and/or a parallel, encased in a mechanical structure. The system is modular in design, allowing for it to be easily switched to a different capacity and power as per your demands. The unit can be wall mounted, floor mounted, and server rack mounted. Coremax Batteries works with Most popular brand inverters. Communicate with inverter by RS485 or CANbus


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Coremax Technology is exploring exciting new projects in the realm of lithium-ion batteries. With numerous advantages over other battery chemistries, lithium batteries have established themselves as a safe, reliable, and long-lasting energy storage solution. Unlike some other lithium battery types, they are devoid of the risk of thermal runaway or catastrophic meltdown.

Lithium-ion batteries boast an impressive cycle life, with some manufacturers offering warranties for up to 10,000 cycles. Additionally, these batteries have high discharge and recharge rates, capable of C/2 continuous discharge, and a remarkable round-trip efficiency of up to 98%. No wonder they are rapidly gaining popularity in the industry.

Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) is an ideal choice for energy storage and Coremax Technology is exploring its full potential through innovative new projects.

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Why choose Coremax Battery System

Coremax Technology stands out in the market as a leading provider of residential solar and storage solutions worldwide. With its in-house design and manufacturing capabilities, you can trust in the quality and reliability of its lithium battery storage systems. In addition, the company offers OEM labeling services for many different brands, so you may already be using a Coremax product without even realizing it.

With a rich history of innovation dating back to 2010, Coremax Technology is unmatched in terms of experience and expertise in the industry. All products, including panels, solar cells, inverters, batteries, and EV chargers, are manufactured in-house at its Shenzhen facility in China. This ensures seamless compatibility and all components are covered under the same warranty.

What's more, Coremax Technology's LiFePo4 battery systems are not only efficient but also cost-effective compared to its competitors. Despite a slightly higher initial cost, its powerful solar battery systems deliver exceptional performance and long-term cost savings.

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